Mosquito Control


Know Your Enemy

Mosquitoes are considered to transmit more diseases as compared to any other creature in the world. There are more than 3000 species of mosquitoes that exists and out of which few are responsible to spread diseases like dengue, Chikangunya, Malaria. The reason they are escapable is because they tend to hide in the corners and under furniture. So, get rid of these mosquitoes and make your home a safe place for your family with the wide range of our Mosquito killing products.



NOK - 99 Terminator

The latest offering from the house of Suianil's is a liquid vaporizer used to kill mosquitoes. With the help of Japanese Technology & the use of wick, the efficiency of the product increases considerably.

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45 ml.


Hunt 100

Most effective Aerosol to kill Mosquitos spreading deadly disease such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika etc. Bonus : Pleasantsmell.

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320 ml.


Buggs Nil

Buggs Nil is a perfect natural insect repellent moisturizing spray to protect against mosquitoes & other insects. All day protection, indoor & outdoors from insect bites. It helps healing insect bite marks. It keeps the family safe from Zika and Dengue. Contains no deet (Diethyl Toluamide)

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100 ml.