Licel -Lice Killer

A unique blend of various Herbs like Shikakai, Amala, Mehandi, Neem, Karanj, Annona Squamosa etc. which are known for their insecticidal properties along with a very small quantity of synthetic pyrethroid. The product has been proven since last 4½ decades & is highly effective due to its oil base.

Sujanil’s ‘Licel’ – the age-old herbal oil based time solution gets rid of lice & nits, improving the texture of the hair.

Licel can also be used as preventive by mixing it in the hair oil used, to restore the crowning glory and keep away Lice and nits.

Available Packs:  20 ml., 55 ml.

Weight:  2 g

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Licel Premium – Lice and Nits Killer

‘Licel Premium’ Lice Treatment oil is a Premium & unique oil-based preparation that takes just 20 minutes, easy to use application, applied to dry hair to completely eliminate lice and nits (eggs), ‘Licel’ spreads evenly in the hair when applied and does away with the need for rough combing and nitpickers tugging at the hair. Licel has been proven effective and been tested for more than 5 decades.

Licel is a Proven and Tested Lice Killing Formula which effectively kills Lice and Nits. The product has been proven since last 4œ decades & is highly effective due to its oil base. A Comb with Magnifier is supplied along with the pack.

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Licnil – Anti Lice Shampoo

A unique shampoo based remedy to kill lice and nits instantly. It contains 100% natural actives for immediate relief from lice and nits.

Hair Shampoo – Safety for hair and treatment for diseases. This gives beauty to the hairs, treating dryness and dandruff.

Available Size:  50ml.

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