Nok Lines – Magic Lines – Pack of 12

Nok Lines chalk is used to draw lines which attract cockroaches, other crawling insects & kills them on contact, making it user-friendly & cost effective. Popularly known as Magic Lines.

Chalk is used to draw the magic line which attracts cockroaches, other crawling insects & kills them on contact making it user-friendly & cost effective.

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NOK-99 – Magic Gel

Cockroach Killer

NOK-99 Gel Every housewife dreams of a cockroach-free home without the effort of having to empty drawers & cupboards, covering food, etc. More importantly, once applied, gives relief from cockroaches for a long period. So here is the NEW NOK -99 Gel, which is surely an answer to her dream. It is an effortless, non-messy gel-based product which attracts & kills cockroaches, even the hidden ones, giving relief from the menace for up to 45 days after each application. Unlike the other anti-roach solutions, this gel comes in a dispenser pump with a unique click mechanism for trouble-free use. A simple click dispenses one dose of gel that does not spread. This gel can be applied on shelves, kitchen counter, cracks, crevices, near the kitchen sink and more. It promises to be effective for up to 45 days, so you can be sure that you stay protected from roaches for many days. This NOK-99 COCKROACH GEL lasts longer and releases no odour.

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Nok Bait – Insects Killer Pack of 10

Sugar Coated Granular Bait

Specially developed to eliminate cockroaches, ants & houseflies. Nok-Bait is a unique, extra strong, less toxic granular sugar coated bait to attract the flies, cockroaches & ants.

Nok-Bait, to be sprinkled with little water & kept near the drainages, windows, wash basins would be very much effective to kill the Flies, cockroaches & ants.

Highly recommended for public health, fish markets & hotel industry where the problem of these insects is very severe.

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NOK 99 Liquid – Multipurpose Insect Killer

This ready to use multipurpose insect killer liquid is a product of extensive research. Mainly used for public health and household insect control, NOK- 99 also kills bedbugs, cockroaches and crawling insects.

Size 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltrs